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Too many leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs lead with only one style. Usually this style is directive. While the directive style has advantages, it also has limitations. Coaching is a key conversational skill and leadership style that leaders must have in order to develop new leaders, create an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration, and improve loyalty and engagement. Over the past few decades, coaching has been recognized as a crucial leadership skill, as well as a profession like consulting that helps to develop leaders in both large and small organizations.

At the heart our Coaching Model is the Person as Leader, Manager or Executive who has four resources or intelligences that are either developed as a capacity or existing as potential within them: Physical Intelligence, Mental Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence. Within this model, Evidence Coaching is able to investigate problems and facilitate their release, transformation and change into resources to accomplish the desired corporate behavior. 

A solution-focused approach

A highly efficient global Solution combining Recruitment, Assessment and Coaching development plans. Improving specific skills: leadership, team management, communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, etc. Empower leaders to speak up, to build teams, to resolve issues quickly.

Empowering You to start setting goals and practicing new behaviors. Helping you to maintain self-confidence, gain self-acceptance and nourish self-belief.

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