Executive coaching has grown in popularity, but in spite of this growth, the use of sophisticated efficient approaches appears limited. Integrative coaching is the cutting edge, it was developed from research with executives. Integrative Coaching fosters behaviors, facilitates wholeness, maximises one’s full potential. This model uses the concept of working at multiple levels; behavioral, cognitive, and unconscious. It recognizes the central importance of building a coaching partnership and the role of emotional intelligence in this process with a focus on improving performance at work. When applying such an approach it can yield benefits not only in behavioural performance but in confidence and in supporting a shift in culture within the corporate environment. 

How will we proceed?

You may already have noted that you have the possibility to directly book online. However, this tool is for the exclusive use of our existing clients. New client? Please, kindly get in touch with us first before using the online booking system.

  • We’ll have a preliminary session which is always free of charge: this preliminary session is aimed at establishing an initial contact. Reach out to us to explain us your needs. Please also indicate us how and when we can join you. This first session will last a maximum of 30 minutes. At the end of this session, you’ll have a better idea of how we work and how we could collaborate.
  • Following our preliminary session, we will work on your customized program: our proposal will contain details such as the number of sessions, their length, a guiding thread and through which means of communication we are going to work together. 
  • Once we agree on the core program and on the contract, your coaching & training program can start: this program will be unique, it will be designed to suit your needs and adapt to your schedule. Coaching sessions can have a different character – formal, relaxed, fun, challenging – that only has the duty to comply with your unique needs, style and expectations.
Processus de Coaching par Evidence Coaching
Process evidence coaching 3

Which means of communication can we use for our coaching and counseling sessions?

Online Coaching is our specialty. 80% of our clients use online coaching. We serve clients worldwide in French, English, German and Spanish. There are many ways we can conduct our coaching sessions:

  • Face-to-face: A face-to-face session can take place at any location that works best for you. Availability, fees, timing, and coaching methods will have to be agreed upon.
  • Over the phone: we’ll define a time slot that suits you best.
  • Via Skype or any similar mean: this is a very convenient way of working together. My clients usually foster it as Skype allows them to save a lot of time while still being able to interact with me through a screen.
  • Email: email is another convenient way of working together. My response time to an email you would send me is usually 24 hours. However, if you choose email coaching and counseling only, other rules and methods will apply. I will give you all necessary information when sending you your core program.