What you must take into consideration before hiring an expat.

If you are a multinational organization currently hiring expatriates or any company that consider hiring expatriates because of a limited local talent pool in your industry or country, there are two major facts you need to take into consideration:

  • Behaviors successful at home may not work abroad
  • Previous experience abroad may or may not predict future success

Wrong selection is the ultimate cause for continuous absenteeism, cost of expatriate’s failure, customer dissatisfaction and losing the business relationship. Individual personality traits directly influence organizational outcomes like turnover, creativity and commitment.

Why many companies fail at hiring expatriates.

  • Many companies fail at hiring expatriates because they underestimate the onboarding process which differ from that of domestic onboarding. Expats generally perform demanding jobs, which is why they may go through a lot of stress. This stress can also be due to language and cultural differences, the feeling of isolation, and being away from friends and family in the home country. Studies show that 25% of expats are called home early because of these reasons.
  • At Evidence Coaching, we have developed an onboarding and coaching process which ensures your expatriate staff gets the support they need during the delicate phase of onboarding.
  • Recent research indicates that 40% of new senior executives fail within the initial 18 months of their assignment. It is essential that your expat staff remains highly motivated during the onboarding phase otherwise they will leave your company.
  • Our Onboarding Coaching program directly addresses these challenges.

We work with our proven results recruitment & assessment solutions – Profiles International & PDA Assessment to help companies assess and hire their expatriate staff wherever your company is located in the world.

Our international experience has shown that global companies require the human resources adaptable not only to the job and organizational requirements, but also to the cultural requirements of various countries. As such, the selection techniques for global jobs vary from those of domestic jobs.

These techniques include:

  • Interview – structured interview
  • Competency assessment

We will provide you with a Selection Technique fully adapted to the recruitment and assessment of expatriate staff.

Our Selection Techniques include:

  • Screening the applicant’s background on the basis of work experience with cultures other than one’s own, previous overseas travel, knowledge of foreign language and overall performance.
  • Testing the candidate's ability to adapt to the new culture and environment.
  • Testing the ability of the spouse and family members of the candidates to the foreign culture and environment.
  • Predicting the behavior and adjustment of the candidate.
  • Testing the skill of adjustment with the host nationals.
  • Job duties and responsibilities.

Our hiring and assessment methodology is optimized for online/virtual/remote recruitment and assessment services. You can access our services wherever you are located in the world.

Our onboarding program will focus on the 4 main areas to ensure the success of any expatriate:

  • Job competence: our assessment will have identified areas where the skills of the candidate must be further developed which will allow your company to establish a customized training program at the beginning of the assignment
  • Building international relationships: our coaching program will ensure the candidate develops the social skills he/she must possess
  • Personality traits: our coaching program will develop the behavior and communication skills any expat must possess: social flexibility, tolerance of ambiguity, nonjudgmentalness, cosmopolitanism
  • A supportive buddy: our coaching program fosters on emotional resilience, stress management and self-confidence. We will also act as a supportive buddy to prevent the feelings of alienation and isolation

Sessions also include areas of traditional executive coaching such as clarifying a leadership vision and styles, managing people, attaining a global view, dealing with poor performance and critical conversations etc.

Onboarding Coaching sessions typically are conducted weekly or bi-weekly by phone or Skype, and face-to-face when possible. Sessions are approximately 45 minutes to one hour accompanied by full email support.

If you have expats in your organization or intend to hire expats

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We will help you with ways to deal with these challenges, hire, assess, properly onboard and retain your expat employees.