Notre raison d’être, notre mission, notre vision, nos valeurs

Les fondements et les aspirations de notre société reflètent la vision, l’expertise et la personnalité de notre fondatrice. Nous sommes des entrepreneurs passionnés. Nous établissons un climat de confiance, de qualité et d’innovation pour nos clients – nous vivons avec notre temps.

Nos Valeurs

  • Nous contribuons au développement des sociétés et de leurs dirigeants.
  • Nous trouvons toujours la bonne solution. Avec passion, créativité et justesse.
  • Nous valorisons et établissons des collaborations de longue durée.
  • Nous encourageons l’exemplarité.
  • Nous sommes à la pointe de l’innovation et de la technologie.


"Mrs. Carole Besson is a hard-worker. She completed her mission efficiently and effectively. She was very respectful of our traditions and culture and she was eager to learn them. She was very patient and kind with our staff and she brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm. We greatly appreciated the collaboration with Mrs. Carole Besson. She met our goals and deadline dates. We hope to work again with her In Doha and Dubai for other projects. We have no reservations in strongly recommending Mrs. Carole Besson as a future professional partner."

Sheik Abdullah Thamer Al-Than, Doha Qatar

Richard Dexter

"In a few weeks, working no more than 8 hrs./day, Ron was able to devise, design and implement a very simple system which improved our communication, follow-up and decision making that resulted in doubling our production while using less resources, something we had been trying to do for a long time. He managed a smooth implementation which caused no upheaval with the crews."

Former GM – Acadian Mining


"We have had the experience of having Ron in our Company for over one year. He is a highly experienced professional who knows how to address issues without offending the local culture. He was successful in changing our personnel habits and improving our plants’ output and reducing our costs, with respect, friendship, creativity and detailed explanations. After his work was done, he has maintained contact and shown an interest and willingness to assist us if necessary, regardless of compensation."

Director of Operations – Carvajal Pulpa y Papel